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Our Excellence

Partner with Masuu Global for Comprehensive Pharmacovigilance Solutions & Safeguarding Patient Wellbeing: The Power of Pharmacovigilance

At Masuu Global, we provide comprehensive Pharmacovigilance (PV) services to ensure the safety and compliance of pharmaceutical products. Our experienced team of PV experts works diligently to monitor, assess, and manage the safety profile of drugs, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of quality and regulatory requirements.

Tailored Safety Solutions

Customized Approaches for Enhanced Safety Measures

We customize our PV services to meet unique client needs, aligning with their product portfolio and regulations. Our personalized approach enhances safety measures, addressing specific challenges and risks for each client's pharmaceutical products.

Advanced Signal Detection

Early Risk Identification for Proactive Safety Measures

Our advanced tools identify safety signals early, allowing proactive monitoring and risk assessment. We take prompt action to mitigate emerging risks, helping clients stay ahead and implement effective safety measures.

Global Regulatory Expertise

Navigating Complex Regulatory Requirements

With extensive global regulatory knowledge, Masuu Global ensures compliance and keeps clients updated on evolving guidelines. We assist with regulatory submissions and help navigate complex regulatory landscapes.

Pharmacovigilance Database Management

Streamlined PV Data Management

At Masuu Global, we excel in managing safety databases. Our expertise in case processing, reconciliation, and signal management ensures accurate data handling. With robust systems and best practices, we securely manage client data for comprehensive safety monitoring and analysis throughout the PV lifecycle.

Continuous Quality Improvement

Striving for Excellence in PV Operations

Quality is our priority at Masuu Global. With robust systems and continuous improvement, we strive for excellence. Adhering to industry best practices, we maintain high standards of quality and compliance. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures top-notch PV services and client confidence in product safety.

Our Services

Comprehensive Pharmacovigilance Solutions

Individual Case Study Report (ICSR)

Our tailored Individual Case Study Report (ICSR) services ensure compliance with Health Authority (HA) requirements by providing specialized case processing and regulatory submission support. With extensive experience in handling various databases, we offer end-to-end Pharmacovigilance services covering diverse product types and report categories.

Literature Monitoring

Our specialized literature monitoring services enable organizations to stay compliant with pharmacovigilance regulations and enhance the quality of Individual Case Study Reports (ICSRs), periodic safety reports, and signal detection. With a focus on medical literature monitoring, we provide valuable insights for inclusion in Periodic Safety Update Reports (PSURs) and ensure robust pharmacovigilance practices.

Aggregated Reports

Our comprehensive services support Marketing Authorization Holders (MAHs) in preparing pre-approval and post-approval aggregated safety reports, including Periodic Benefit Risk Evaluation Reports (PBRERs), Periodic Adverse Drug Experience Reports (PADERs), and other report types. We ensure the highest standards of safety reporting to protect the safety and efficacy of drugs.

Signal Management

Our expert team employs a precise risk-based signal management process, encompassing signal detection, validation, analysis, assessment, and recommendation for action. By implementing comprehensive risk mitigation plans and analyzing safety information, we enable early signal detection and contribute to improved patient safety.

Risk Management

Our services encompass Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) and Risk Management Plans (RMPs) to identify, monitor, and minimize the risks associated with medicinal products. We provide guidance on implementing risk minimization actions, communication plans, and ensure compliance with evolving Regulatory requirements to safeguard patient safety.

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