Introducing NextGen PDF Plugin.

Streamline PDF processing with Adobe Acrobat Professional (8.0 or above) for pharmaceuticals and life sciences.

Available For Adobe Acrobat (Windows/Mac)


Automate PDF Processing: Unlocking Efficiency and Productivity

Increased Productivity

NextGen PDF Plugin automates manual tasks and bulk operations, significantly reducing document processing time and increasing efficiency.

User-friendly interface

The plugin is designed with a minimal input requirement, making it easy to navigate and use for all users.

Easy Navigation

Users can easily navigate through PDF documents and access different features and options.

Enhanced Processing Capabilities

The plugin efficiently handles multiple PDF files, allowing for seamless processing of large volumes of documents.

Customization Options

NextGen PDF Plugin offers various options to customize bookmarks, hyperlinks, table of contents (ToC), and other properties, providing flexibility in document organization.

Standards & Compliance

The plugin meets the requirements set by global health authorities, ensuring that PDF documents are formatted and scaled appropriately for submissions.

Validation & Verification

Rest assured with a secure cloud version that implements data encryption and firewall security, safeguarding your valuable information.

Optimization & Redaction

The plugin can optimize PDF versions and perform redaction tasks, removing unwanted elements and enhancing document quality.

Import & Export Capabilities

Users can import and export bookmarks and hyperlinks, saving time and avoiding repetitive tasks when working with multiple documents.

Versatile Application

NextGen PDF Plugin is applicable to various roles, including Regulatory Affairs, QA/QC, and DQA professionals in the pharmaceutical industry.

NextGen PDF Plugin Features

Experience the NextGen PDF Plugin

NextGen PDF Plugin optimizes PDF document processing, offering advanced features that enhance efficiency, organization, and navigation for improved workflow productivity.


Auto Bookmarking

Automated bookmarking feature that generates bookmarks in PDFs based on various criteria, enhancing navigation and organization within the document. Automatically create and manage bookmarks in PDF documents based on font, area, selected text, links, and keywords.


Auto Hyperlinks

Enables the creation of hyperlinks in PDFs, making it convenient to navigate between different sections or external resources within the document. Create hyperlinks from text and keywords, allowing easy navigation within the PDF.


PDF Scaling

Offers the capability to resize and align PDF documents to meet the specific formatting requirements set by regulatory authorities. Scale and align PDF files according to regulatory requirements, such as paper size and margin adjustments.


File Splitting

Allows the splitting of large PDF files into smaller, more manageable files, facilitating easier handling and sharing of information. Divide large PDF files into smaller ones based on page range, page count, page size, or section.


Table of Contents (ToC) Builder

Automatically creates a table of contents in PDFs using existing bookmarks, ensuring an organized and easily accessible document structure. Automatically generate a table of contents based on the bookmarks in the PDF, maintaining hierarchical structure.


Bookmark & Link Validation

Includes a validation feature that checks and verifies the correctness and functionality of bookmarks and hyperlinks in PDF files. Validate bookmarks and hyperlinks within PDF documents, ensuring accuracy and functionality.


Auto Optimization

Ability to automatically convert the PDF version to meet the specific version requirements set by regulatory authorities. Convert PDF versions between v1.4 and v1.7 to comply with different regulatory requirements.


Auto Redaction

Provides a redaction feature that allows users to remove undesired elements, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with privacy regulations. Remove unwanted elements such as hole punches, black shadows, or hidden content from PDF documents.


Link Attributor

Enables users to modify the appearance and properties of links in PDFs, ensuring that they meet the specific requirements for eCTD submissions. Customize the appearance and properties of links in PDF documents, ensuring accurate and compliant eCTD submissions.


Export/Import Functionality

A convenient export/import feature for bookmarks and hyperlinks, eliminating the need for repetitive tasks. Users can easily apply the same bookmarks and hyperlinks to different PDF files, saving time and effort. This capability allows for efficient management and reuse of bookmarks and links across multiple documents.


Batch Operations

Supports batch operations, allowing users to apply various functions to multiple PDF files at once, increasing productivity and efficiency. Perform multiple operations on multiple PDF documents simultaneously, saving time and effort.

Applicability of NextGen PDF Plugin

NextGen PDF Plugin is specifically designed to cater to the needs of professionals working in regulatory affairs, quality assurance and control, and document quality assurance. It provides valuable tools and functionalities to streamline document processing and enhance efficiency in these industries and roles.

Applicable To

Industries and Roles

• Regulatory Affairs ARD

• Quality Control (QC)

• Quality Assurance

• Developmental Quality Assurance (DQA)

Transparent and Affordable Pricing for Your NextGen PDF Plugin

At NextGen, we believe in providing transparent and affordable pricing options for our PDF plugin. We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. Contact us for customized pricing based on your specific requirements.

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