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A Comprehensive Solution for Efficient Authoring and Archival of Development, Quality, and Regulatory Documents

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Accelerate Your Document Management with NextGen eDQR: Boost Efficiency and Ensure Compliance

Document Creation and Approval

Simplify the process of creating, authoring, reviewing, and approving regulatory documents with eDQR.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Meet the requirements of Health Authorities by adhering to submission formats such as CTD, eCTD, ACTD, and more.

Centralized Submission Libraries

Organize and access submission-specific libraries for efficient document management.

Document Reusability

Easily reuse documents across different submissions, saving time and effort in document creation.

Comprehensive Document Management

Maintain control over approved and unapproved documents throughout their lifecycle.

Secure Document Repository

Store and access documents securely, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.

Advanced Automation

Benefit from features like auto-synchronization and auto-save, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors.

PDF Rendering

Convert documents to meet Health Authorities' requirements with a single click, ensuring compatibility and accuracy.

Effective Workflow Management

Streamline the document workflow, from authoring to archival, ensuring smooth collaboration and accountability.

Web-based Access

Access the eDQR software from anywhere, at any time, for convenient and efficient document management.

NextGen eDQR Features

Experience the NextGen eDQR

eDQR's key features enable efficient and streamlined document management for regulatory submissions.


Submission Libraries

Create submission-specific libraries to efficiently organize and manage documents related to regulatory submissions. Access and retrieve documents specific to each product or submission, ensuring accurate and streamlined document management.


Submission Format

Support various dossier formats such as CTD, eCTD, ACTD, and more, ensuring compliance with Health Authorities' requirements. Seamlessly handle different submission formats, simplifying the preparation and submission process.


Document Reuse

Access and reuse documents across multiple submissions, eliminating the need for redundant document creation. Save time and effort by leveraging existing documents, ensuring consistency and accuracy across submissions.


Documents Lifecycle

Maintain a complete lifecycle record of both approved and unapproved documents, tracking their progress and status. Effectively manage document versions, revisions, and updates, ensuring compliance and document integrity.


Secure Repository

Store documents in a secure repository, providing controlled access and maintaining data confidentiality. Access documents securely anytime and anywhere, ensuring that only authorized individuals can view and modify them.


Advanced Automation

Benefit from auto-synchronization and auto-save features, reducing manual effort and minimizing the risk of data loss. Automate routine tasks, improving efficiency and allowing users to focus on critical aspects of document management.


PDF Rendering

Convert documents to PDF format with a single click, ensuring compliance with Health Authorities' specific requirements. Generate PDFs that meet the necessary formatting standards, facilitating the submission process and ensuring document compatibility.


Workflow Management

Implement an effective workflow system that guides the document authoring, review, and archival processes. Enable seamless collaboration and task assignment, ensuring efficient progress tracking and timely document completion.


Document Versioning

Track and manage document versions, including comments, review changes, approvals, and other modifications. Maintain a clear audit trial of document revisions, facilitating transparency and accountability within the document management process.


Web Based Software

Access the software from anywhere, at any time, through a web-based interface. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of managing documents remotely, facilitating collaboration and productivity across teams and locations.

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