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Leading authorities & agencies to deliver solutions that streamline your business success.

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    Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)
  • EU GMP
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  • PIC's
    Swiss Medic
    The Ministry of Health (Minzdrav)
  • South Africa HA
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We Are Unique

Why choose us?

We are a team of industry-leading experts with decades of experience in the regulatory and quality domains. Our team's expertise allows us to provide clients with top-notch solutions and services.

We are known for innovative solutions and advanced technological aspects that help our clients achieve their goals. Our team combines expert knowledge with cutting-edge technology to provide clients with the best solutions.

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) - We put customer satisfaction at the forefront of our business. Our team strives to deliver the best possible experience for our clients by providing timely and efficient solutions, ensuring compliance, and maintaining a high level of communication throughout the process.

Truly Unique

Unleashing Innovation

We understand that every client is unique. So, we tailor our approach to meet their specific needs and requirements.

We provide cost-effective solutions and help clients save money while achieving their business goals.

We build long-term partnerships providing ongoing support and guidance as your businesses grow and evolve.

Functional Expertise

Transform organization with expert consultation and proven strategies for success.

Our consultation focus is dedicated towards some of the most critical issues and opportunities that clients face: requirements, strategy, timeline, initiation, execution, transformation, and completion. We provide in-depth domain functional expertise, create values across boundaries and prompt success ratio to the organization. Our prowess is proven strategy delivering absolute solutions to the industry at scale.

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Strategic Insights

Crafting tailored strategies for your success, with global expertise and unmatched precision.

Our strategies planned through core insights into your requirements. With global expertise, accuracy and certainty, we plan and prep things that matter to your success. We believe in creating immeasurable value and fostering long-lasting business partnerships. Your success is our priority, and we strive to make our collaboration more prominent every step of the way.

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Continuous Improvement

Driving excellence for optimal business performance and success.

We strive for continuous improvement in optimizing our business deliverables. Through a strategic execution process, we aim to elevate our standards and provide exceptional value to our clients. Our core focus is enhancing effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability to drive success in every aspect of our services.

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Innovative Deliverables

Innovative solutions, quality delivery, and compliance expertise for success and market leadership.

We help you achieve innovative solutions with the highest quality and shortest timelines. Masuu Global is known for its robust global network of experts in regulatory and quality, we aspire to accomplish customer satisfaction through deliverables with maximum compliance. Our precision matrix helps us deliver the best experience for our clients to make them stand out in the market.

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Our Services

We deliver precise services that are valuable, experiential and prominent.

Regulatory Affairs

Navigate complex regulations and streamline approvals.

Regulatory Operations

Ensure smooth submissions and compliance.

Regulatory Labeling

Create accurate and compliant product labels.

Quality Compliance & Audit

Maintain high-quality standards and pass audits.

Regulatory Agent

Expert representation for FDA compliance.

Clinical Operations

Efficiently manage clinical trials and research.

Medical Writing

Produce clear and concise regulatory documents.


Monitor and ensure the safety of pharmaceutical products.

Biostatistics & Trial Monitoring

Gain valuable insights from clinical data.

Over 50,000+ projects

Expert solutions streamlined for business success.

We take pride in our team of experts who are industry leaders and agency veterans with decades of experience. Our organization was established and managed by leading industry professionals, including Global Quality and Regulatory Heads, as well as experts from the Ex-USFDA agency. Our team of 280+ professionals has a combined expertise of 4 decades, and is committed to providing exceptional service and results to our clients.

Our Regulatory & Quality Software

Our regulatory & quality software offer efficient and reliable solutions for managing regulatory compliance, quality control, and document management. Our software is designed to streamline processes, reduce errors, and increase productivity, ensuring that our clients meet regulatory requirements and maintain high-quality standards. With advanced features such as automated workflows, reporting, and audit Trials, our software solutions help our clients achieve compliance while improving efficiency and reducing costs.

NextGen eCTD

Streamline electronic submissions with advanced eCTD solutions.

NextGen SPL

Simplify structured product labeling for enhanced regulatory compliance.

NextGen PDF Plugin

Optimize PDF capabilities for efficient document management.

NextGen eLN

Digitize laboratory workflows with a next-generation electronic lab notebook.

NextGen eDQR

Improve data quality and reporting with advanced electronic data capture solutions.


Discover how we have helped 350+ clients achieve success through our expertise and innovative solutions.

Regulatory Affairs


DMF, CEP, ASMF, IND, NDA, ANDA, BLA, MAA, 505(b)(2), 510(k) etc.

Regulatory Operations


Original Application, Amendments, Annual Report, Supplements/Variations etc.

Regulatory Labeling


PI/SmPC, SPC, Labels/Mock-ups for ANDA, NDA, 505(b)(2), MAA Submission etc.

Quality Compliance & Audits


Successful cGMP, GDP & Quality Compliance Audits (6 Systems Audit) etc.

US Agent Services


US Regulatory Agent services for FDA Correspondence, ER, Self-Identification etc.

Medical Writing


Clinical/Non-clinical Overview, Clinical Study Reports & Safety Reports etc.

PV/Drug Safety


Pharmacovigilance Database & ICSR Management etc.

Language Translation


Technical Documents i.e., Product Dossiers, Master Files & Literatures etc.

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